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Ashley Burnett


Wild Creativity Power Workshop

  • Identify the daily distractions disconnecting you to your creativity
  • Reignite your relationship to your deepest passions
  • Strengthen your confidence through your creative expression

DJ Tasha Blank
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DJ Tasha Blank

Transforming Fear Into Creative Fuel

  • How to develop the courage to go all in on your passion
  • Powerful tips to release fear and speak your truth
  • How to weave your creative gifts into your work

Ali Leipzig & Michelle Goldblum
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Ali Leipzig & Michelle Goldblum

Heighten Your Leadership Through The Power of Play

  • The magic & miracles that come from creating from a place of joy
  • Leading with and through the joyful energy of the universe
  • The necessity of play in your adult years

Amanda Giacomini
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Amanda Giacomini

Channel Your Creative Power To Change The World

  • Tips to turn your creative expression into a meditative practice
  • The first and most important step to starting any creative project
  • How to become more heart and purpose centered with your art

Laura Hollick
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Laura Hollick

Activate Your Inner Artist

  • Laura’s #1 strategy for bringing more spaciousness & creative flow into your business
  • The common aspect that all artists have that allow them to tap into their creativity
  • Her next-level tools for moving through paralyzing fear and doubt

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